Total CRM

If you’ve just heard about CRM, want to know more about it, or want the best tool for your sales team(s), you’re on the right page. And here’s what you can expect:

▪ How Total CRM Working?

Total CRM is a customer relationship management system. It’s a software solution that brings a host of capabilities together. You can store all your prospects and customers, make calls, send emails, create reports, schedule appointments, add notes, manage your pipeline, and find out who’s opened your latest email—without stepping out of the CRM system.

▪ Our CRM system provides ➟

▪ Enhanced relationships with customers

From prospect to lead to customer, their journey is captured in the Total CRM. These insights put you in a better position to recognize people, their needs, and how your business can work for them.

▪ Lesser data entry

CRM lets you automate mundane tasks like creating leads from signup forms and sending welcome emails to new leads. Spreadsheets demand data entry, Total CRM minimize it.

▪ Better communication

Our CRM system becomes a single source of truth for every member in your team. No information gaps, no back-and-forth—the customer hears a consistent voice from your business.