Total ERP

Your business and customers are evolving at the speed of digital. To keep up, you need a Total enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that lets you rapidly innovate and transform. Divine’s market-leading Total ERP solutions are built to give you that edge – no matter the size of your business.

▪ What can do Total ERP for you?

TOTAL Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications help businesses to manage and connect information from all core areas of the organization with the aim of improving effective decision making. ERP software solutions promote visibility throughout the entire organization, allowing decision makers to improve business operations such as; inventory management, accounting, order management, human resources, supply chain, product lifecycle, customer relationship management (CRM) among others. This software should serve as the focal point for managing all important aspects of a business.

Total ERP Benefits ➟

▪ Improved Productivity

Total ERP systems automate manual business tasks and processes to create a streamlined, cost-efficient organization that promotes productivity.

▪ Enhanced Business Visibility

With the integration of otherwise disparate systems and processes, this systems improve communication between all aspects of a business from customer service, to accounting, to human resources.

▪ Analytical Decision Making

Total ERP solutions present a way for business managers to use interconnected dashboards to quickly analyze, report, and improve business performance across the entire organization.