VPS/Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting is almost always less expensive than using Dedicated Hosting for your site since you don't get your own equipment, and because of this, you also usually get fewer resources. When deciding between the two types of hosting, you'll want to consider the type of site you're running along with scalability.

▪ DIVINE's Virtual Private Server (VPS) service is designed to be exclusive with an extremely high degree of security and insulation. VPS customers have "root" level access and can enjoy most of the benefits of dedicated servers. It is a powerful hosting solution for businesses which need high server resources. With this kind of hosting you get the advantages of a dedicated hosting, at a much lower cost. Divine's VPS services are highly customizable and easily scalable to your growing business needs. Unlike the competition, our fully managed Virtual Private Servers include…

• FreeBSD and Ubuntu operating systems

• Round-the-clock server monitoring and fast hardware replacement

• Fully-redundant, fast, secure, and reliable file storage

• Our HUGE, fully-redundant, ultra-fast network

• Click-of-the-mouse control over every aspect of your server with our Account Control Center (ACC)

• Pre-installed software -- PHP (Apache module), Perl (many modules), MySQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, Phusion Passenger (mod_rails), mod_fastcgi, mod_perl, Parrot, C, C++, Tcl, and more